March 29, 2011

Vote my video to send me to EuroSTAR

This is bit of an unconventional post in this blog. I hope you will forgive me :)

The message is simple. Watch my video above and if you like it (I hope you do), please vote for me here. Remember, I am "Video 6: Sajjadul Hakim" :)

Your vote can take me to the EuroSTAR 2011 conference. Many of you do not know that I will be speaking at CAST 2011 in Seattle, on this same topic, i.e. "Understanding Gut Feelings in Software Testing". No, there was no voting for that. Just the belief of James Bach that my talk may be worth listening to :)

Voting ends on Friday, April 1. So please hurry. Thanks to many of your support I am already neck and neck with the leading contestants. It's an intense competition. Your vote can make a difference now!

Vote for "Video 6: Sajjadul Hakim" here.

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